"Do it with love or don't do it at all." -Angela Raneiri

At the age of 12 I gave my first haircut to my mom.  As you could imagine, it was not all that great.  At the age of 16, I started beauty school.  I had no idea what I was doing or had gotten myself into.  At my first hair show I noticed that John Paul Mitchell Systems was different from any of the other companies.  A new love was formed and I realized I wanted to become a platform Artist for JPMS.

I graduated beauty school in 2006 and started working at a salon in my home town of Syracuse NY.  I soon realized my dreams couldn't be fulfilled in such a town so I packed my bags and headed to the Big Apple!

By 2008 I had worked in the East Village, Murry Hill, and Williamsburg. I was considering an adventure to the east coast as well.  I just couldn't seem to find a salon that fit my wants and needs.  One night in 2011 after leaving a hair event in the city I was headed home when I came across David Ryan Salon, A Paul Mitchell Focus Salon in Hells Kitchen. I knew this chic neighborhood salon was what I had been searching for!  I could soon start focusing on how to become a national educator for the company, so that one day I could finally become a platform artist.

But in a snowboarding accident I broke my wrist. There was compactions, a surgery and a real possibility of never doing hair again. Luckily Salon Bohemia a beautiful Paul Mitchell Focus Salon in Park Slope hired me to be a receptionist! I hated not being able to do hair, after 8 weeks in a cast one of the stylist let me cut her hair (talk about trust)!  April second 2012 was the day my cast came off! 6 weeks of physical therapy before i started working one day a week behind the chair. After 10 i was BACK!! Salon Bohemia kept me on a few day too! Monday & Wednesday at Salon Bohemia, and Thursday-Sunday at David Ryan Salon!

I now had a whole new attitude i was so happy to be back, and I was not going to waist one more minute!!!

I want to become a National Educator for John Paul Mitchell Systems, and I had falling in A New York State of Mind" Alzheimer's Association, NYC Chapter NYFW Benefi LOVE with fashion, and I needed to work fashion shows and editorial!

In October 2013 I got to assist the Paul Mitchell team at the Euro hair show in New Jersey, the beginning of 2013 I though my career was over, and by the end I was living my dream! Well assisting my dream! Along with assisting the Paul Mitchell Metro team, I got to assist on stage with platform artist Colin Caruso, Rocco Tizzano, Carlo Cardinale and Pep Pasqualino.

2014 The New year brought new dreams! Stepping into the fashion, editorial world of hair! I started going to every fashion show I could get into! I was walking into a new world and I needed to build a network of designers, photographers, and makeup artist to work with! I soon go to do hair at "A New York State of Mind" Alzheimer's Association, NYC Chapter NYFW Benefit. I started doing photo shoots almost once a week! I then go to assisted Angelo Pacente! I assisted Federico Calce for a Couture Fashion Week event.

I am now in training to become a national educator for JPMS with Paul Mitchell Metro! I am cometeting i  Angela continues to reach for the stars and is on the road to success with John Paul Mitchell.

Photograph by David Berman.  Edited by Britain Leigh Taylor.

Photograph by David Berman.  Edited by Britain Leigh Taylor.